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What is ‘luxury car’ in luxury car rental?

White Mercedes car rental
Mercedes Car Rental

In car rental, ‘luxury’ or ‘premium’ cars are great for travelling in style. These are cars made by high-end brands with luxury features: a sleek look, comfy seats, plush interior and powerful engine, for example.


Luxury cars will usually fit 5 people, with 2 large suitcases plus 2 small suitcases. You’ll also find luxury estate cars, SUVs and crossovers, depending on where you rent.

Rental companies change their fleet frequently, and they often don’t know precisely which cars will be available because some cars will need cleaning, servicing, repairing and replacing. This is why every rental car has ‘or similar’ next to the make and model you’re looking at. If you choose to rent a luxury car, the ‘or similar’ options will be other luxury cars. Some car hire companies will however guarantee a specific model for their premium/luxury cars.

Luxury cars are the highest-end car group available.

Helping you compare: luxury cars

Here are some examples of luxury cars. They have slightly different specifications and look different on the surface, but they all have similarly sized engines, dimensions, and luggage and passenger space. So any one of these – as well as other luxury cars not shown – could be provided when you book any car in the luxury group.

To find out more about rental car categories,

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Parth Verma
Parth Verma
Apr 28, 2023

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